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F i o n a  /  B r i g a d o o n  •  Rockville Musical Theatre, 2018

"Rockville Musical Theatre’s production of “Brigadoon” was like a breath of fresh air. In an increasingly complicated world, it was lovely to escape, even just for a little while, into the idyllic world of “Brigadoon.” This production was enjoyable from start to finish. Not only did Borland and Myers have outstanding voices, but they also had the right style of voice for these parts. Borland also did very well with the difficult Scottish accent and her portrayal of this character made it understandable how Tommy could fall in love with her in just one day. A highlight was her charming rendition of “Waiting for My Dearie,” which gave the audience a sweet and romantic introduction to the show’s heroine." // MD Theatre Guide

"Keely Borland portrayed the beautiful Fiona MacLaren and delivered above and beyond with a voice like a songbird and a range that I personally haven’t seen in the DMV for some time. Borland was a pleasant and welcome surprise from the minute she opened her mouth." // TheatreBloom

"Borland’s full range vocal delivery is enough to capture any suitor. Their duets, “Almost Like Being in Love,” and “The Heather on the Hill” evoke honest and heartfelt romance." // DC Metro Arts

A superbly talented cast elevates this production of “Brigadoon” to the level of great art.  The duet of “Almost like Being in Love,” the most famous song in “Brigadoon,” lifts this Broadway musical into the operatic in the best way possible:  Keely Borland, as the heroine Fiona, has a beautiful soprano voice that perfectly complements both this song and “The Heather on the Hill.” // The Montgomery County Sentinel

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